Reading Poetry: Reviews, Essays and Articles about Hebrew Poetry

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This book is a compilation of a selection of Hannan Hever’s essays, articles, and reviews about Hebrew poetry published over thirty years. They deal with the poetry of, among others, Yaakov Fichman; Yocheved Bat-Myriam; Nathan Alterman; Ezra Zusman; Shimon Helkin; Avraham Huss and Pinchas Sade, together with younger poets such as Nathan Zach; Meir Wiezeltier; Harold Schimel; Oded Peled; Yitzhak Laor; Maya Bezerano and Galit Hazan-Rokem.

Other articles are broader studies of, for example, the beginnings of modern Hebrew poetry; the poetry of the Lebanon War; Hebrew women’s poetry; and Israeli poetry written in the wake of the war of ‘73.

Keshev, Heb.
Publication Date: 
January 1, 2005