The Ancient Judaism Regional Seminar

The Ancient Judaism Regional Seminar is an annual event that brings together faculty and graduate students with the aim of enhancing graduate training in Ancient Judaism by providing opportunities for doctoral students to share dissertation research and build academic networks among faculty and students in the Northeast Corridor.

AJRS 2019 will be held at Yale University, beginning at 11:30am on Sunday, 3/31, and concluding at 12:30pm on Monday, 4/1. Accommodations have been arranged for participants to stay at the New Haven Hotel, located at 229 George St., on the night of 3/31. All sessions will take place at Yale’s Comparative Literature Library, located two blocks from the hotel on the 8th floor of Bingham Hall.


James Nati (Yale) — “What was the Aramaic Levi Document?”

Elena Dugan (Princeton) — “The Hidden Face of the Codex Panopolitanus Book of the Watchers: A Biography of Enoch”

Meira Wolkenfeld (YU) —  “Discernment through Scent in Palestinian and Babylonian Texts”

Pratima Gopalakrishnan (Yale) — “Work and Maintenance in the Babylonian Talmud”

Erez DeGolan (Columbia) — “Public Joy in Ancient Rabbinic Literature”

Dov Kahane (JTS) — “The World has been Given to the Fools: Rabbinic Anxiety in the Sasanian Context”

Yoni Nadiv (Yale)— “Digital Applications for the Study of the Babylonian Talmud”

Jill Stinchcomb (Penn) — “Riddling Authority with the Queen of Sheba”

Shlomo Zuckier (Yale) — “Now, It’s Personal: Sacrifice as Human-Divine Interaction in Rabbinic Literature”

Reimbursement Information: 

The Yale Program in Jewish Studies will cover the cost of a shared hotel room, conference meals, and economy travel expenses for all presenters. For those who are not presenting but would like to attend, we will cover the cost of meals at the conference as well as a reimbursement of $50 for travel expenses. Please submit travel receipts to Renee Reed (

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