The Yale Judaica Series

The Yale Judaica Series, a publication series of the Program in Jewish Studies at Yale University and published by Yale University Press, welcomes proposals for annotated translations of classical Judaica texts and anthologies of sources from ancient, medieval and early modern times.

In addition, the Yale Judaica Series invites proposals for translations and monographs on the new classics of Jewish literature. This initiative will focus on Jewish texts and books written after the year 1500 that have played a major role in the formation of Western culture and the development of ideas. The Yale Judaica Series Publications Committee welcomes the translation of works that will be of value to the disciplines of history, philosophy, political science and literature, as well as the fields of rabbinics and Jewish thought. It will entertain proposals for translations of texts written in Hebrew, Yiddish, Ladino, French, German, Arabic and Judeo-Arabic.

If the Publications Committee of the Yale Judaica Series accepts a proposal, it issues a contract to the editor/translator.

The Editor of the Yale Judaica Series will appoint an expert manuscript editor to review in detail each submitted manuscript.

Upon the submission of a satisfactory manuscript, the editor/translator will receive an honorarium of $15,000 to be shared in the event there is more than one editor/translator.

In addition to being approved by the Publications Committee of the Yale Judaica Series, all manuscripts must then be approved by the Publications Committee of Yale University Press.

The process begins, however, by sending inquiries to the Publications Committee of the Yale Judaica Series. Please contact Professor Ivan Marcus, Chair of the Publications Committee,